Desktop Friday, Alpha II: Furry Friends



Introducing Alpha II

New Features

1. UI Implemented for xhdpi and xxhdpi devices.

2. Front Camera support implemented.

3. Back Light Integrated

Bug Fixes:

1. When streaming from certain parts of the Globe, the user marker was inaccurate in regards to the users precise geographic location.

2. Fixed issue occurring when the user attempts to take a Glimpse at a Perspectives Live Stream.

3. Improved latency experienced from switching between one video to the Globe.


Hello all and welcome to Desktop Friday!

During this week’s desktop update, we bring several new features and several new bug fixes, as we prepare for the release of BETA, this Spring.

As of Wednesday of this week, we have some very special updates for all of you in regards to the development of the Alpha version on Android devices.

Thus far, our first official mock up of the User Interface is now live and working. We have also managed to implement Front Camera support and that comes with Flash as well, so if you’ve ever filmed in a location with limited lighting, you will have the ability to activate the LED light on your mobile device with ease.


Screenshot taken by a user in Minnesota, of their Teacup Yorkie.


Besides those implementations and some rather nasty bugs being addressed, progress is moving nicely. Glimpse is now being streamed in several locations around the world and it is only a matter of time before we have it in the hands of all of you.

On another note, through sheer determination, we have managed to take fourth place, out of hundreds of other competitors in the #PittBigIdea competition. Although we did not come out on top, we now have a better grasp on developing the software in a way that is most convenient for all of you.

Let us know what you think and don’t forget to share this with your friends and family and visit us over at @GlimpseGlobal for more


Until Next Time,

Team Glimpse™

Desktop Monday, Alpha I: Introducing Live Streaming… And Something Else.

Introducing Live Streaming

New Features

1. Implemented live Streaming through RTSP protocol.
2. Implemented


to the server.
3. Implemented Globe.
4. Implemented marker on the globe.

Hello all and welcome to Desktop Monday!

As the hype continues after the filming of @TheStartupHour, we have a very special announcement to make on behalf of the mobile platform development.

The date that marks the official release of the BETA is coming and things are starting to look better and better by the day. As of a few weeks ago, development of Android systems

has been

well under way and it is looking like we will have something to play within a few days.

The implementation of live streaming through RTSP protocol is now in effect. As a result, Users will now be able to activate a live stream to view an event as it happens, in real time. Even better, now that the globe is implemented, which is the life force behind glimpse, users will soon be able to interact with it, as we have now officially implemented markers on the globe.

Soon enough, the opportunity to truly experience life as it happens will be available to you, the user, with a few simple gestures.

Are you ready?

Let us know what you think and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends and visit us over at @GlimpseGlobal


Team Glimpse™

Glimpse Goes Global!

Glimpse Social Network
After reconvening in Pittsburgh, PA this past weekend, we had the privilege of auditioning for a new TV show called The Startup Hour being released this upcoming May 13th. The Startup Hour is an innovative TV Show that is bringing Crowdfunding and Crowdinvesting to television, combining the thrill of a reality TV contest, with the buying urgency of the New York Stock Exchange trading floor. This marks one small step for Glimpse and one giant leap forward for redefining the way we interact with each other virtually. With Glimpse being a few days away from basic functionality, it will be but a few more weeks before you can all truly take a glimpse, and see the world through our eyes, in the vibrant way we’ve imagined and recreated it.

For those interested in learning more about The StartUp Hour, just follow the link below and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends and visit us over at @GlimpseGlobal

Link to The Startup Hour:
Twitter: @TheStartupHour

Christopher Taylor
Co-Founder, CMO